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Smart Medical Group – Urodynamics Systems, Catheters, Consumables and Gastrointestinal Motility Systems
The Smart Medical Group is an innovative medical supply company active in the fields of urology, gynaecology and gastroenterology. The Smart Medical Group has its own research centres with employees in the UK and Spain.

Our product portfolio for urinary disorders includes the following: Phoenix Plus urodynamics system, urine flowmeter, a urodynamics table/chair and a full range of urodynamics catheters, consumables and bulking agents. For gastrointestinal motility, our product range includes: Phoenix Plus GI motility system, Nymph ambulatory data logger for pH and GI studies, and a full range of pH and manometry catheters and digestive endoscopy accessories.

The design and manufacture of our products is performed by Albyn Medical, a company established in 1985 and with extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of equipment and consumables, and having established a worldwide customer base.

The Phoenix Plus urodynamics system is the latest model from Albyn Medical, which has been developing these systems for almost 20 years. A trolley-based system, the Phoenix Plus features integral PC, monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse. The electronic interfaces and mains power (isolated) distribution are also contained internally. No additional units or mounting poles are required.

The Phoenix Plus can be utilized for the following applications: uroflowmetry, cystometry, pressure flow studies, urethral pressure profiles, video cystometry, EMG studies and biofeedback. For further details of the Phoenix Plus and other products, click on ‘Product Specification’.


Peyronie’s disease is a baffling disorder and can be difficult to treat successfully. Surgical procedures (there are many) have their drawbacks; systemic medical therapies are unpredictable; and localised injections are painful. There have been reports of success with iontophoresis of corticosteroids directly into plaques and also with intralesional injection of verapamil. Physion has developed EMDA of anti-inflammatory dexamethasone with anti-collagenic verapamil to be administered painlessly into plaques. A report of 78 patients treated demonstrated relief of pain in >90% of patients. Plaque size was reduced in 50% of patients and penile angulation was lessened in 30% of patients.

EMDA is also indicated for the treatment of:

Local anaesthesia of the bladder
Intravesical treatment of interstitial cystitis
Intravesical treatment of bladder cancer
Intravesical treatment of recurrent, infective cystitis
Intravesical treatment of hyperreflexic bladders
Intraprostatic treatment of non-specific prostatitis
Intraprostatic treatment of infective prostatitis
Albyn Medical urodynamic catheters and consumables have been developed in conjunction with urodynamic clinics in Europe to deliver reliable, repeatable results, to provide ease-of-use for the clinician and to maximise comfort for the patient. The consumables can be used for urodynamics studies, urethral pressure profiles, urethrocystometry and filling and voiding cystometry.

Over a decade of experience and customer feedback has gone into the design of our new Phoenix Plus GI software to create the most innovative GI motility system available today.

A trolley-based all-in-one system for full oesophageal and ano-rectal motility studies, the Phoenix Plus GI system features an integral PC, monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse. It can be used for a variety of oesophageal applications, including the following: evaluation of unexplained dysphagia, evaluation of atypical chest pains, pre and post-surgical assessment of peristalsis and oesophageal body motility. Ano-rectal applications include faecal incontinence, constipation, pelvic floor dyssynergia, recto-anal inhibitory reflex (RAIR) assessment and pre-operative evaluation of ano-rectal function prior to surgical procedures.

The specification of the proven Albyn Medical single-use pH catheter, for ambulatory pH monitoring, has recently been improved. The new catheter, for adult or paediatric application, offers even more advantages, including easier intubations and greater comfort, owing to the smaller size (1.8mm) and the smooth polyurethane material.

Faster calibration is ensured, since no time is required to hydrate reference electrode. The catheter tip is flexible – we do not use a rigid tube to mount the sensor and reference. Consistent readings from catheter to catheter are ensured, as a result of proven manufacturing methods.

The new flowmeter from Albyn Medical brings together high-specifications and easy-of-use. New features bring benefits to both operating staff and patient.

Two models are available:

Optical transmission link (model FO)
Wireless transmission link (model HF)
Application – Mictiometry (urine flow) studies – male, female, both adult & paediatric. For assessment of obstruction and other urinary flow symptoms. Research capabilities also possible.


Wireless transmission link – radio frequency (model HF). Range approx 50m
Possibility of two simultaneous studies using 2 flow sensors (model HF only)
User friendly touch-screen graphical LCD
Real-time study display on LCD
Post study results and analysis on LCD
Recorder memory – up to 4 studies may be stored, and re-analysed
Always on standby, auto-start
Ready-to-go when patient is ready – no user intervention required
Printed report – 80mm thermal paper, including study information, date/time and space for patient details
Hygienic – easy to clean flow sensor, collection jug & funnel, and removable flow sensor plate
Reliable – no moving parts
Optional data transfer to PC (currently under development
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