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About Quantum

Quantum Medical Imaging is a highly innovative company that designs and manufactures superior medical radiographic systems for hospitals and imaging centers around the world. The company’s mission is to supply the radiographic imaging industry with superior products for enhanced diagnostic capability.


Designed by a team of engineers with extensive input from technologists, Q-Rad systems are highly refined for logical and efficient operation. This unique approach to system development simplifies radiographic examinations and assures that Quantum products meet the growing needs of radiology. Quantum’s technology is proven in thousands of clinical installations worldwide.

From the design stage through final product testing, Quantum’s Q-Rad systems integrate high quality, durable materials for robust construction and advanced electronics for optimal performance. Rigorous manufacturing standards and a commitment to evolving technologies assure long-term system value and customer satisfaction. The company’s radiographic system solutions are backed by its Gold Star network of factory-authorized dealers for sales and service.

Product Information
01.02.05 X-ray devices and accessories Digital radiography equipment
QV-800 Universal 07.11.2008

Quantum’s QV-800 Digital Universal system is an effective and efficient direct digital imaging system designed for hospital emergency departments, traumatology and all general radiography applications. The integrated C-Arm design allows the x-ray tube and image receptor to remain in constant alignment, even as the arm is rotated or the image receptor is angled. This versatile concept provides for effortless “motorized” movement of the C-Arm for vertical and rotational movements. For added safety, the unit incorporates sophisticated ‘collision avoidance” electronics and electronic safety bumpers. This ergonomic system easily facilitates exams of patients in standing, seated or recumbent positions. It is an extremely easy-to-use system for technologists and offers features which allow patients to be imaged in any position. Standard X-ray units Apparatus for conventional X-ray pictures X-ray apparatus for emergency admission and operating theatres X-ray generators and tubes X-ray-cassette holders Tomography equipment