Quanser Consulting Inc.

119 Spy Court
L3R 5H6 Markham, ON

Phone: +1 905 940-3575
Fax: +1 905 940-3576

Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Year of foundation 1990
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology / Occupational Therapy

Company Profile

Quanser Consulting Inc.

Quanser is much more than a consulting company. We are an innovative partner and dedicated collaborator, with a strong track record of successful commercialization and manufacturing. At Quanser, client support commences from the instant you make initial contact and it extends throughout our relationship. If you are seeking an integrated approach, you just won’t find anyone else in the industry with our level of dedication to client service, product design and performance.

Founder and CTO
With a lifetime of experience in teaching, research and design, Dr. Jacob Apkarian is still as closely linked to the inspirational engineering development at Quanser as he ever was. Back in 1989, Jacob started the business to provide exciting challenges for undergraduate students of feedback control, and provide researchers with effective tools and techniques to advance developments in the field. Today, he continues to instill his enthusiasm for innovation in all of Quanser’s engineers, clients and partners.

Jacob’s driving force has always been to provide clients with innovative solutions that directly impact their progress. This allows our clients to free up valuable time and resources and focus on their particular area of expertise. Understanding our customer’s needs, in detail, has always played a prominent role in Jacob’s thinking, and the team at Quanser has grown successfully by applying this philosophy to all projects.

Over the last two decades, Quanser has grown to become a leading force in the field of advanced Mechatronics, with first-class engineers filling our design roles. Our R&D team includes experienced Mechanical, Electronic, Electro-Mechanical, Software and Control specialists – all of whom are tightly integrated with each other to ensure a comprehensive approach to each project that we undertake.

During Quanser’s early years, many design concepts were developed and refined through close personal relationships between Jacob and leading researchers around the world. Together, they had the passion to get the ‘right’ results despite meagre budgets. Many of these developments led to breakthrough concepts in the field of real-time control research and education. Today, this pioneering spirit remains at the core of the team Quanser has built – all of our engineers are fanatical advocates for our client’s needs because they recognize this is the key to success.

Our design and development expertise has now evolved into a world-class offering, taking advantage of the investment made over the years to develop our manufacturing resources.

Quanser is a respected world leader in the field of Mechatronics and Real-Time Control, with representation in more than 30 countries. Quanser’s growing organizational structure includes Paul Gilbert, CEO since 2002, working alongside Jacob to manage the ever-expanding demands of the market. At the same time, Quanser is committed to the spirit of innovation and collaboration that our customers have come to know and expect, so we never stop investing in new, cutting-edge technology.

Product Information
04.12 Rehabilitation equipment and devices

04.12.16 Computer-aided cognitive rehabilitation
Control Software 07.11.2008

Building upon the legacy of WinCon, the first ever real-time software to run Simulink-generated code under Windows back in 1994, Quanser now offers QuaRC, a rapid controls development software suite to fit your teaching and development applications. Fully compatible and integrated with Simulink and Real Time Workshop, QuaRC allows you to draw your controller, generate code and run it … all without a DSP or without writing a single line of code! QuaRC runs under Windows XP or Vista and can target either the PC it is running on, or a remote PC running either Windows or the QNX RTOS. For small footprint embedded applications consider QuaRC for QNX. QuaRC also offers a new licensing model, with network licenses as well as demo licenses available.