QRS Diagnostic

14755 27th Avenue North
55447 Plymouth, MN

Phone: +1 763 559-8492
Fax: +1 763 559-2961


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Sales sales@QRSdiagnostic.com

Company Figures
Year of foundation 1995
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

QRS Diagnostic
Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, QRS Diagnostic designs and develops software-based medical devices, built into computer cards and USB modules, which cost 25 percent to 50 percent less than traditional device products.

“QRS is a medical device company that thinks and acts like an information technology company,” says Spencer Lien, founder and chief executive officer, QRS. “We apply our patented technology to convert standard computing devices, like laptops and PDAs, into portable, upgradeable and affordable medical devices.”

Product Information Blood pressure equipment
BPCard™ PC Blood Pressure Meter 29.10.2008

The BPCard PC Blood Pressure Meter is the world’s first and only PC Card blood pressure meter. By implementing digital blood pressure equipment your clinic can improve patient outcomes and substantially reduce costs and liability.

The BPCard is designed to give users accurate digital blood pressure readings in seconds using off-the-shelf PCs and handhelds.

Coming Soon! Electrocardiography (ECG) equipment and accessories
Universal ECG™ Electrocardiogram ECG / EKG 29.10.2008

The Universal ECG is the smallest and lightest 12 lead EKG on the market.

Perform resting ECG anytime, anywhere with unparalleled ease-of-use.

Turn an off-the-shelf PC or handheld into a 12 Channel EKG. Electrocardiographs and analysers

01.02.06 Ultrasound diagnostic equipment Ultrasound equipment for gynaecological and obstetric use Ultrasound scanners

01.04.06 Pulmonary function tests / spirometers
SpirOxCard® PC Spirometer / Pulse Oximeter 29.10.2008

he SpirOxCard Spirometer / Pulse Oximeter is the first combination Spirometer / Pulse Oximeter designed for the mobile healthcare professional.

When using the Spirometer, everything the patient touches is thrown away!

The PC based SpirOxCard Spirometer / Oximeter allows you to perform diagnostic testing for asthma, COPD and other respiratory diseases in seconds.

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