Taylor-Wharton – Portable Cyrogenic Refrigerators, Freezers and Dewars Taylor-Wharton produces a comprehensive range of portable cryogenic refrigerators, dewars and freezers used for organ transplant transportation vessels, biological specimen cryogenic storage, and cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage.


TESS – Artificial Windows and Murals for Walls or Skylight Panel Views TESS (Therapeutic Environmental SolutionS) provides the highest quality backlit mural views to nature for all windowless areas of the healthcare facility. Artificial windows and framed murals for the… Read moreTESS

Thomas Fattorini

Thomas Fattorini – ID and Security Badges Thomas Fattorini is Britain’s most experienced badge-making company, with over 180 years of experience. It is a family owned manufacturing business, based over three sites in the United Kingdom. Fattorini design and make: