Ahlstrom – Sterile Barrier Systems Ahlstrom Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) are at the forefront of patient safety and the upholding of international guidelines and universal precautions. Our fabrics are designed to protect a wide variety of medical devices. Ahlstrom advanced… Read moreAhlstrom


ACUFIRM – Surgical Needles ACUFIRM specialises in manufacturing surgical needles. Our range includes surgical needles for the skin and muscle domains, intestinal and vascular needles, and dental and ophthalmologic surgical needles. These products are available with spring eye or regular… Read moreACUFIRM


Apex – Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems ApexBio is a leading manufacturer of blood glucose testing and other biosensor-related monitoring systems specially designed for the healthcare industry. Based in Taiwan, ApexBio aims to produce user-friendly and affordable blood glucose monitoring systems… Read moreApex