Wipak Medical

Wipak Medical – Steriking® Specialised Packaging for Hospital Sterilization Wipak manufactures specialised packaging for hospital sterilization, including sterilization packaging materials, sterilization monitoring products and sealing equipment and accessory products for sterile supplies. STERIKING® CLEAN PEEL, MULTI-X FILMS Steriking® Clean Peel… Read moreWipak Medical


Priorclave – Autoclaves and Steam Sterilisers Priorclave are experienced specialist suppliers of autoclaves and steam sterilisers for the healthcare industry. We design, manufacture and service cylindrical and rectangular section laboratory autoclaves. Priorclave’s autoclave products are equipped with the TACTROL® control… Read morePriorclave

Nichiyu Giken

Nichiyu Giken – Radiation Indicators for Interventional Radiology Nichiyu Giken is an R&D company that manufactures specialised radiation exposure tracking garments for use in healthcare environments. Our RadiMap™ radiation exposure tracking garments provide indicators which show radiation exposure locations and… Read moreNichiyu Giken


Ahlstrom – Sterile Barrier Systems Ahlstrom Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) are at the forefront of patient safety and the upholding of international guidelines and universal precautions. Our fabrics are designed to protect a wide variety of medical devices. Ahlstrom advanced… Read moreAhlstrom


ESTS – Autoclaves and Steam Sterilizers ESTS (GB) Ltd is an established manufacturer of autoclaves and steam sterilizers for the healthcare, laboratory and pharmaceutical market. Our standard range of rectangular section autoclaves, are provided with the versatile Logiclave™ control system,… Read moreESTS